Backyard Bop

by Red Yarn

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Red Yarn's 'Backyard Bop' CD comes in a brightly-colored gatefold wallet with elaborate photography & design (by Jason Quigley & Heather Lin) featuring Red Yarn, Miss Jessie, 13 newly built critter puppets (by Faerin Millington, Summer Olsson & more), elaborate backyard set-pieces (by Ryan Bruce & James Cook), and full credits. Children will spend hours studying the critter characters & backyard spaces they inhabit!

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    'Backyard Bop' 12" vinyl record comes in a full color jacket with beautiful photography & design featuring Red Yarn, Miss Jessie, 13 critter puppets & elaborate backyard set-pieces. A full color insert features a poster of Red, Jessie & the Critters on one side & full credits on the others. Children will spend hours studying the critter characters & backyard spaces they inhabit! Vinyl record comes with a digital download card.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Backyard Bop via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Backyard Bop 02:30
Maybe it's your birthday Or maybe it is not Maybe it's a cool day But soon it's getting hot Cuz if it goes my way This backyard's gonna rock CHORUS: At the Backyard Bop Come on and everybody hop At the Backyard Boogie Come on and do the boogie woogie At the Backyard Bash We're gonna spin till we crash Yeah, everybody's hoppin' & everybody's boppin' at the Backyard Bop All the little hepcats Are comin' round the block The hillbilly hounddog Is barkin' up a log To tell the rabbit & the groundhog That this place is poppin' off CHORUS Everyone is welcome No matter where you're from Cuz when we share a backyard We're gonna have to get along So call your brothers & your sisters And tell em everyone can come CHORUS
Jump for Joy 03:09
Well the other day I met a little bunny She said, "Listen man, don't you think it's funny How so many folks just want to sit around Aw, and moan and mope about what gets them down" CHORUS: You gotta stand right up You gotta raise your voice You gotta get up with me And jump for joy You gotta rise and shine You gotta make some noise Aw, dance with freedom And jump, jump, jump for joy And the other evening I heard a little bullfrog With his scratchy singing that sweet love song He said, It don't matter if you're loud or quiet If you sing your love out, nobody can deny it CHORUS I hope that everybody understands That the tools we need are in our hands And I hope that everybody cross the land Can find that something that makes them stand Clap their hands, do a dance Say "Yes we can" Stand right up Raise our voice Get up with me And jump for joy Rise and shine And make some noise Dance with freedom And jump, jump, jump for joy Jump, jump, jump a little little Jump, jump, jump a little little Jump, jump, jump a little little Jump, jump, jump for joy...
Mama Bird 03:14
Sing, mama bird, mama bird sing Sing the greenest song of the spring Wing, mama bird, mama bird wing Through the bluest sky you can dream Spin, mama bird, mama bird spin Spin a circle all round the sun In the wind, mama bird, mama bird wind Blow and flow and show us the fun When the mama bird sings, she sings like the spring When the mama bird wings above everything Then the mama bird spins, she spins us a dream In the mama bird wind Build, mama bird, mama bird build The sturdiest nest for your young Fill, mama bird, mama bird fill Fill it with leaves and with love Make, mama bird, mama bird make A delicate egg from scratch Wait, mama bird, mama bird wait Wait for that li'l egg to hatch When the mama bird builds the sturdiest nest Then the mama bird fills it, she fills it the best What the mama bird makes, is beautifully blessed So the mama bird waits Well, she knows it takes time, time, time To spin a circle from a line, line, line Each cycle's gotta rhyme, rhyme, rhyme Pretty soon they'll be flyin, flyin, flyin Watch, mama bird, mama bird watch Watch the miracle as it starts Stretch, mama bird, mama bird stretch Stretch out the breadth of your heart Teach, mama bird, mama bird teach Teach that little new life the way Reach, mama bird, mama bird reach Reach out and touch a new day When the mama bird watches, the mama bird sees When the mama bird stretches her mama bird wings When the mama bird teaches, we learn to believe In the mama bird's reach Thank you, mama bird Thank you, mama bird.. Thank the mama bird...
Tuesday morning in the summertime Everybody at the park is feelin' just fine Camp is starting, it's just about nine We're all smilin' in the sweet sunshine The grass is dewey & the sap is gooey on the bark It may be a workday but it don't feel like work Cuz everyone is playing at the neighborhood park There's a game of tag, tennis camp and b-ball Skateboarders grindin' on a concrete wall Twins bobbin' up & down on the seesaw Kids gettin' up each time that they fall Somewhere out there a young athlete is findin' her spark At the fancy sports club our differences are stark But the playing field is level at the neighborhood park That guy slept here, those folks are from outta town Ice cream man on a bike ridin' round Birthday party must've hired a clown You look around and forget how to frown Beachball flyin' over the pool with a rainbow's arc Kid with a spraycan really left his mark But we know it belongs to all of us, this neighborhood park At the hotdog cookout the beatbox is bouncin' Guy with a megaphone is doin' some announcin' Kids are laughin' and splashin' at the fountain Harmonica plays "She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain" Heard a scrubjay squawk and the sweet song of a meadowlark Yes, everybody is singin' from their heart Sayin' how much they love that neighborhood park In the fir tree the crows are havin' a meeting Raccoon is lovin' the leftovers he's eatin' The ants are lined up for their dinnertime feedin' I'm still watchin' from the public seating Two squirrels runnin' circles round the treetrunk While the hound dog barks All of the critters will come out after dark For the Midnight Ramble at the Neighborhood Park When the sun goes down it is time to go home The leaves are dancin' and the wind is blowin' Today's story sinks in the loam I was here all day but I never felt alone I'll be back in the morning when again the whole thing starts You can leave all your sorrows, your worries & your snark And meet me tomorrow at the neighborhood park
I was tryin' to take a nap on a dreary afternoon But I was too distracted by the action outside my room There were birds singing with passion some sweet old-fashioned tune And a squirrel walking the tightrope above the cherry trees in bloom So I sat front and center, perched up by the windowsill And watched in great amazement as the picture glass was filled With wondrous animations that gave my heart a thrill Oh, let this magic movie roll on its endless reel of film There's a big show outside my window The leaves are dancing, doing tricks with the shadows I could just sit here and watch the wind blow Enjoy the big show outside my window My family took a roadtrip heading south on Highway 5 Reading made me carsick so I leaned my head and tried To get a little shuteye but I could not shut my eyes With the action and adventure playing out on the countryside The trees were whizzing by me going 60 miles an hour Approaching like a giant was a small town's water tower As I raced electric lines I felt the radiating power Of the sunshine on the mainline and the wind in the wildflowers There's a big show outside my window The clouds are moving, making shapes with the shadows I could just sit here and watch the wind blow Enjoy the big show outside my window We got our eyes locked on our screens Forget to notice that we're inches from the real thing, honey The greatest movie ever dreamed, but don't you know That if you keep your curtains closed You'll miss that perfect picture show The mysterious projector's glow, oh, oh There's a big show outside your window Real people living in the sunshine and shadows Turn off the TV, put down your dumb phone Enjoy the big show outside your window Enjoy the big show outside your window
Lazy Tonight 02:42
Hey, sweet baby I was wonderin' maybe Would it be too crazy If we could just be lazy tonight Yeah, honey Save a little money Rent something funny For us & sis & sonny tonight Miss Mommy We been workin' hard Let's let the kids be zombies We'll clean it up tomorrow Tonight scooby doobies The couch is pretty groovy Let's just watch a movie And eat a couple cookies Tonight sweet babies Don't you think maybe We could just be lazy tonight? Hey, my little kiddos You sit in the middle I got a bag of Skittles I'm down to share a little tonight Hey, son I want to show you one I thought was pretty fun Back in 1991 tonight Sweet daughter Drink a cup of water You're eatin' all the popcorn Save some for your papa Tonight scooby doobies The couch is pretty groovy Let's watch a couple movie And eat a dozen cookies Tonight sweet babies Don't you think maybe We could just be lazy tonight? Hey scooby doobies Life is pretty groovy Let's watch the whole trilogy And eat a hundred cookies Tonight sweet babies Let's just go crazy It'll feel amazing To let ourselves be lazy tonight Y'all are the best The neighbors will be impressed If we host a film fest Right at our own address tonight Sweet babies Don't you think maybe We could just be lazy tonight? Hey scooby doo, hey scooby doobies...
CHORUS: There's some critters in my garden and I want 'em to get out I got some starters starting and I got some veggie sprouts I got a guard dog guarding but he's a lazy lout Critters, I beg your pardon but you really must stay out First the rabbits came a-hopping through that hole there in the fence I tried my best to stop them, I put up my best defense I tried booby traps and barbed wire, so it doesn't make no sense Dagnabbit, little rabbits keep on hopping through my fence! Next a groundhog came a-digging from her burrow underground She came silently a-wriggling, no she didn't make a sound Now she's whistling and pigging out and putting on the pounds Stealing vegetables and vittles for her kitchen underground CHORUS So I held a public meeting for to set those critters straight And soon they all came streaming through that hole there in the gate They brought veggie stew, boiled cabbage too, it's filling up my plate And now I stand corrected, yes those critters are pretty great! There's some critters in my garden and they're welcome any time We've got a farm-stand starting and we're putting up a sign Take what you need, then plant a seed to feed the next in line Critters, I beg your pardon, you are welcome any time Critters, I beg your pardon, what's mine is yours & yours is mine Critters, I beg your pardon, you are welcome any time
CHORUS: You can roll with me, y'all, all around this town We can stroll these streets up and down There are old friends to meet and new ones to be found If you roll with me around this town All around this small town folks are starting up and settling down Doing their work to make the clock go round each and every day If you let your morning start with an open mind and an open heart You'll find your folks and find a place to stay, then you can... CHORUS Well, me and Bob and Molly are gonna hop right on the trolley Meet Jim and Max by the railroad tracks and play a little kick-the-can I hope that Poss & Rocky come and bring their posse to join the fun A song sounds better when more friends join the band, so you can... CHORUS I don't know where we're going Or know what we'll do But I hope I'll be rolling with you I don't know where we're going Or know what we'll see But I hope you'll be rolling with me Some days it feels like a chore to put on my clothes and get out the door Some days there's so much to do, I don't know where to start Some days I need a helping hand from my family or from my friends To get outside and to let love fill my heart, so can you... CHORUS
Cats & Dogs 03:24
Cats & dogs! Will they ever get along? Dogs & cats! Whatchya think about that? There are hip cats, hep cats, sitting-on-a-step Every cat's a little bit aloof Hey diddle diddle, played the cat-gut fiddle Of the cat on a hot tin roof A cat's the kind of friend who will scratch your back and then When you're about to fall asleep she'll dig her claws right in Go, cat, go, I'll let you wander far from home Cuz when the wolves start howling you'll come back again Cats & dogs! Will they ever get along? Dogs & cats! Whatchya think about that? There are cow dogs, bird dogs, have you heard the word It's a dog eat dog eat dog world He ate my hot dog, chili dog, corny dog, silly dog! Sally, call the vet I think he swallowed mama's pearls Then he slipped out the doggy door, chased a lady labrador Now they're out there howling at the moon Meanwhile the cat came back, gave my leg a scratch And got me feeding her my supper from a silver spoon Cats & dogs! Will they ever get along? Dogs & cats! Whatchya think about that? They say a dog and a cat's like a ball and a bat They ain't ever gonna ever be friends I don't know about that but I ain't gonna get trapped In between them trying to make amends There are dog people, cat people, lookin-to-get-mad people Hissin' and a-barkin' like cats and dogs Left people, right people, tryin-to-pick-a-fight people Don't you know we're voices in the same old song I saw a pretty picture in a cheesy little calendar A puppy and a kitty sittin' side by side Maybe it was photoshopped but made me think that we should stop The fussin' and the fightin' and get unified like Cats & dogs! Can't we all just get along? Dogs & cats! Whatchya think about that? Cats & dogs sing the same old song Dogs & cats, yeah, we got each other's back Feline, canine, step across the borderline Bring em all together like cats & dogs
There's something going down at the town hall There's a crowd gathering round at the town hall They're making quite a rowdy kinda sound, y'all Lots of talking and shouting going round, y'all I think I'll go and see what's going down, y'all See why everybody's meeting at the town hall CHORUS: At the town hall meeting (At the town hall meeting) All my neighbors are speaking (All my neighbors are speaking) To the folks we got leading (The folks we got leading) They're hearing what we're feeling (They're hearing what we're feeling) We may be disagreeing (We may be disagreeing) But our hearts are beating (Our hearts are beating) At the town hall meeting (At the town hall meeting) Yeah! There's a lady trying to get a new stop sign And a guy with a petition we should all sign Some citizens are wondering if the mayor was lying About the rumor that we all heard through the grapevine If you feel compelled then go get in the waiting line And you'll get a turn to stand up and speak your mind CHORUS You can have your own opinion Just lemme have mine It ain't all about winning But it's all about trying, yeah So keep on trying, y'all!
CHORUS: My arms are tired, knees are scarred My mind's on fire from playing so hard These adventures in, in my own backyard Yesterday I sailed a pirate ship Swashbuckling with a skeleton when, oops, I slipped And fell into the ocean where in the deep I wrestled with a great white shark I washed up on a desert island Held the treasure chest right in my hand When I was interrupted by my mama cryin' "Come inside, it's getting dark!" CHORUS 9am, I'm an archaeologist 10 o'clock, an astronaut biologist 11:30, I'm a paleontologist At lunchtime, I break for ten This afternoon I'm gonna build a biplane Fly it away and leave this inane life of a kid I'm never going to bed at 8 o'clock again CHORUS Life is hard, even a child can see In my backyard, I'm wild and free These adventures in, in my own backyard These adventures in, in my own backyard
Once upon a time, a family of rabbits was living in a big backyard In a burrow in the corner underneath the pine tree Life was good but living was hard Brother and sister would get up every morning Set out to find a way To dig up a little lunch and have themselves a good time They knew at the end of the day CHORUS: They had someone to love They had someone to love No matter how rough it got No matter how tough Well, they still had someone to love A raccoon and a possum were living in a treehouse Up above a garden shed They didn't have much beyond what they needed A roof and a friend and a bed They'd sleep away the day and go out in the evening Ramble round the neighborhood To scrounge a little dinner and make a little trouble Stumble home feeling good CHORUS Maybe baby someday the blues are gonna get you Catch you when your guard is down The blues have got a way of always standing next to you Following you all around But just remember baby, there's someone else beside you Someone who can hold your hand But first you gotta dig down and find the strength inside you To admit you're gonna need a friend You need someone to love You need someone to love No matter how tough You think you'll do without that stuff Well, you still need someone to love You got someone to love You got someone to love No matter how rough it gets No matter how tough Well, you still got someone to love...


'Backyard Bop' is Red Yarn's sixth album for families & his first collection of all-original songs. After a 10-year journey through old American folk music, Red Yarn returns with a fresh set of rockabilly and folk-rock tunes about small towns, neighborhoods, and backyard adventures. Produced by GRAMMY-winner Dean Jones, 'Backyard Bop' provides the perfect soundtrack for family dance parties & summertime play.


released August 7, 2020

Backyard Bop was recorded at No Parking Studio in Rosendale, NY from March 2019-March 2020, with additional sessions in Portland, OR.

All songs written by Andy Furgeson/Red Yarn.

Produced by Dean Jones.

Engineered & mixed by Dean Jones at No Parking Studios.

Additional engineering by Adam Selzer in his backyard studio in Portland, OR.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Music performed by…
Andy Furgeson/Red Yarn on vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass & percussion.

Dean Jones on drums, piano, organ, funky keys, trombone, percussion, balafon, bass & vocals.

Mark Murphy on upright bass.

Jessie Eller-Isaacs on vocals.

Charles Frommer on baritone sax (track 4).

Paul Brainard on pedal steel guitar (track 5).

Jane Scarpantoni on cello (track 11).

Marianne Tasick on violin (track 11).

With backing vocals by...
Aaron Nigel Smith & Mo Phillips (track 8), Lewis & Mira Eller-Furgeson (tracks 9 & 10), and Stephanie & Rhys Ellis (track 10).

Art direction by Faerin Millington & Ryan Bruce.

Puppet design & fabrication by Faerin Millington with assistant puppet fabricator Summer Olsson.

Additional puppet fabrication by Erin Chmela, Kelly Campbell, Matthew Hopkins & Andy Furgeson.

Set/prop design & fabrication by Ryan Bruce & James Cook.

Textiles by Summer Olsson.

Art department coordination by Katie McClenahan & Andy Furgeson.

Photography by Jason Quigley.

Logos & titles by Stef Choi.

Album design & layout by Heather Lin.

PR by Beth Blenz-Clucas of Sugar Mountain PR.

Special thanks to…
All the musicians, puppeteers & artists who contributed to this album; Dean for his magical creative energy & guidance; Jessie for being my singing partner for life; Lewis & Mira for their constant inspiration; Faerin, Ryan, James, Summer & Katie for making the Backyard Bop a physical reality; Johnny Clay & Dave Gulick of Ants Ants Ants for recording demos; Aaron Nigel Smith for lending gear, wisdom & big dreams; Mo Phillips for listening & encouraging; Melissa & Kevin for their incredible support; Lindsay, Terence, Ramona & Linus for hosting me in Kingston; Laki Karavias for beautiful video work; Beth for her PR expertise; Mom, Dad, Will & James for unconditional support & for putting up with my teenage rockabilly rebel phase; all of the friends & fans who make my career possible, especially during challenging times.


all rights reserved



Red Yarn Portland, Oregon

Red Yarn is a Texas-born, Oregon-based family performer who weaves folksongs & puppetry into engaging shows for all ages. With his energetic performances and lush folk-rock recordings, Red Yarn reinvigorates American folklore for younger generations.

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